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    Wuhan Fraser genetic information co., LTD is located in wuhan national biological industry base——Optical valley biopolis,Is a collection of the third generation sequencing technology services、Three-dimensional genomics technical services、Cancer genome medical service、Bioinformatics software development、Biological information technology services、Genome database building、The biological information upstream and downstream industry, such as genetic testing technology research and development in the integration of high-tech enterprises。     Fraser and genesPacific BiosciencesCompany in wuhan optical valley introduced no less than6TaiwanSequelThree generations of sequencing...

The equipment is advanced

Introduced are no less than6TaiwanSequelThree generations of the sequencing system

The new technology

The latest three generation of sequencing technology and 3 d genome technology


In order to bioinformatics booster life science research,In order to gene Group of medicine to promote the development of human health


Become a leader in the field of bioinformatics

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