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Liyang city gold wrasse fabric co., LTD. Is from spinning、Weaving、Production、The construction、Research and development、Production、Detection、Control as one of professional factory。

Liyang Jinlai Decorated Fabric Co., Ltd. is a professional factory from spinning, weaving, making, construction, research and development, production, testing and control.

  Liyang city gold wrasse fabric co., LTD,Is paid in capital is2600Ten thousand yuan of joint-stock private enterprise,Registered trademark of golden wrasse brand,Products for filament woven geotextile、Width4.5M daily output is more than fifty thousand square meters、Gram weight100G to1500G,Strong10kNTo800KNPer meter,Spinning process from particles、Weaving、To make arrangement filling bag body、Mold bag such as finished products,The company set research and development production testing construction as a whole is the domestic specialized level comprehensive factory。Is domestic production of military road body supporting enterprises,The same product varieties of domestic scale industry pioneer of the factory,From the product1997The annual production has participated in the large and medium-sized projects at home and abroad,Coastal stretched out,Port terminals,Male railway soft foundation treatment,Urban sludge bag body,In the construction of a large number of engineering construction facilities, such as landfill has won the customers' trust and praise。


   Over the years the company research and development production for carpet production materials of two base cloth gauze cloth strands,And the KeMing,WiltonPPWeft,In the most key indicators of thermal shrinkage and elongation of the industry lead,The specialized management and testing on the carrier,Walt,A large number of Oriental carpet at home……

Liyang city gold wrasse fabric

Product introduction


Width4.5M filament Gao Qiangji weaving

※ From the chemical materials into the factory to geotechnical finished material factory,Complete coverage of production process。

Large high configuration make package

※ Species diversity·Cheap and fine·Production sewing·Construction services

※ 4.5Meters wide cloth every day5Square meters production

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Liyang city gold wrasse fabric co., LTD

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